How to Choose a Reliable Long Island Foreclosure Attorney

Are you going through foreclosure? Don’t panic yet – there’s a big chance that you would not lose your property if you act fast and find a reliable Long Island foreclosure attorney, who would be able to represent you when you need to challenge claims or offer an alternative to your lender. In order for you to ensure that you are going to hire the right lawyer to do the job, here are some tips that you would definitely want to keep in mind:

1. Make Sure That You Have the Paperwork and the Details

lawKeep all receipts, contracts, letters, and any similar document related to your mortgage and organize them. Your Long Island foreclosure attorney would need that to conduct a thorough investigation on how the conditions of your mortgage work, and how you managed to have your property in the first place. All documents are important, especially when it comes to analyzing your defense against possible lawsuits and when providing counterclaims.

Any reliable Long Island foreclosure attorney would also need to know your side and would want to hear your story. He would ask you to be honest about your financial and personal situation so he can defend all your objectives and interests. Keep in mind that when your undergo the foreclosure process, your attorney would make you undergo grueling interviews in order to find out how he can win your case.

2. Get in Touch with a Housing Counselor

A housing counselor’s opinion is very valuable when it comes to finding advice on how you can save your property from foreclosure. This person works with the Housing and Urban Development Department and would work with you in possibly modifying or availing a new loan term in order for you to save your real estate property and pay your loans at the same time. They are also very credible when it comes to referring quality foreclosure attorneys; when you talk to them, you’re actually making a shortcut in your search.

3. Search the Internet and Local Directories

Nowadays, it is easy enough to find a law office in Long Island that specializes in foreclosure cases – you have the Internet and local directory pages that can help you know where to look. At the same time, be mindful that you are looking for a foreclosure attorney and not just any lawyer. The reason is very simple – a Long Island foreclosure attorney has spent some time in courts defending and winning cases that have the very same nature as your circumstance. It would also be very important that you hire a foreclosure lawyer in your own state, since they are more knowledgeable about state laws and previously tried cases when it comes to real estate.

How would you manage to know if you are hiring an experienced attorney? You would need to know how many years has he been practicing as an expert in foreclosures and how many cases has he won. Law office websites normally publish this information, along with their contact numbers and office hours.

4. Look at Client Feedback and Referrals

Among the best sources of information when it comes to getting the best foreclosure attorneys is of course, the people that needed them before. Check out the client reviews and ask around the neighborhood on which Long Island foreclosure attorney would they refer in case you need them. The good news is that good lawyers have names that spread like wildfire as they keep on winning cases and when they are in good terms with their clients. Personal referrals can also prevent you from hiring the bad ones that would represent you poorly.

How to Choose a Reliable Long Island Foreclosure Attorney